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NEO Exchange

Rethink your stock exchange.

Listing on the NEO Exchange

Working together to help you succeed.

NEO is creating a better listing experience for public companies and investment products in Canada.

In an industry where few companies realize they have a choice when it comes to listing their securities, NEO brings a true commitment to service and support for the companies and investment products that list with us. Enhanced liquidity, greater visibility, lower fees and a level playing field for all investors makes NEO the better choice.

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Trading on the NEO Exchange

A national stock exchange with a difference.

NEO is the only Canadian marketplace that strives to level the playing field by mitigating predatory practices and providing better opportunities for the long-term investor. Our unique market structure – based on who you are and how you trade – ensures fairness and liquidity in an increasingly complex and technology-driven market. Combined with the benefits of real secondary liquidity fuelled by our market making program, there really is a NEO difference.

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The Power of Market Makers

Liquidity And Stability Keep Markets Moving

Reliable liquidity is vital in bridging markets together, by ensuring there is always a willing buyer and seller available. It gives long-term investors immediate access to investment opportunities, while reducing market volatility. NEO has a unique market making program that ensures reliable liquidity, fosters a bond between listed companies and market makers, creates greater market certainty for traders, and helps meet the needs of long-term investors.

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Bringing Market Data to the Broadest Possible Audience

To make truly informed trading decisions, you need all the information.

We provide free real-time market data for all NEO-listed securities, as well as free or low-cost real-time data of all TSX/TSX-V-listed securities traded on NEO. This gives everyone the opportunity to see a more complete view of the market, and make better-informed trading decisions.

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