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Listing on NEO

Working Together To Help Companies Succeed

NEO is creating a better listing experience for public companies and investment products in Canada. In an industry where few companies realize they have a choice when it comes to listing their securities, NEO brings a true commitment to service and support for the companies and investment products that list with us. Enhanced liquidity, greater visibility, lower fees and a level playing field for all investors makes NEO the better choice.

Why List on NEO?

Enhanced Liquidity

Reliable liquidity is a vital contributor to the success of a listed company. Liquidity gives investors access to investment opportunities, reduces volatility and lowers the cost of capital raising for public companies. NEO has a unique market making program that ensures regular and reliable liquidity in listed securities and investment products, playing a vital role in supplying liquidity when it’s needed the most and helping meet the trading demands of the long-term investors.

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Improved Trading Quality

NEO’s innovative trading technology aims to level the playing field to the benefit of long-term investors. Our platform is structured to protect investors and real market makers from opportunistic HFT strategies. With 85% of volume traded considered natural flow, we help enable reliable liquidity and strong investor confidence for long-term, retail, and institutional investors.

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Greater Visibility

Investor awareness of a listed company or investment product is key to long-term success. NEO works with our listed companies and investment products to raise awareness about their securities, offering a tailored investor and media package to maximize outreach.

And, crucially, our commitment to providing free real-time market data on all NEO-listed securities means investors both inside and outside Canada always have unrestricted access to the trading information of NEO-listed securities.

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Better Service for Lower Fees

NEO is the only exchange in Canada committed to offering better service and more value for the fees we charge – working to earn partners in everything we do. With our disclosure-based listing approach and substantially lower fees than our competitors, we strive to significantly reduce the financial burden of going public and simplify the listing process to meet the needs of public companies. Structured with your business in mind, we strive to understand the needs of issuers and take a partnership approach to supporting your success as a public company.

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